Ladies, You Have Never Seen Lipstick Like This Before… WOW! (33 Photos)

So while browsing the internet this afternoon I came across an image I thought was pretty darn cool. I investigated this image and found it belonged to Laura Jenkinson whom happens to be a makeup artist. We selected some of what we considered the best one from her facebook album.

lipart21 lipart31 lipart32 lipart28 lipart25 screen-shot-2014-08-20-at-2-29-15-pm (1) lipart30 lipart26 lipart24 lipart23 lipart22 lipart20 lipart19 lipart18 lipart17 lipart16 lipart15 lipart14 lipart13 lipart12 lipart11 lipart10 lipart9 lipart8 lipart7 lipart6 lipart5 lipart4 lipart3 lipart2 lipart1 lipart0

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